What happens when there are too many trees?

The metastasis of native tree growth also physically alters the temperature, chemistry and biology of the landscape. It displaces native plant and animal species. Lacking low-intensity natural fires, aspen, lupine, redwood and algae cannot reproduce. Coming from someone who has a lot of postage stamps and more than 35 trees, I don't think there's any limit.

You can plant as many trees as you want as long as they are at a safe distance from the structures. One problem I've run into is in a part of the yard while the trees are inactive, it looks like a row of tree trunks. I had to separate it with some large growing shrubs and evergreen shrubs. Somehow, you can't plant too many trees.

But where plants become important as they soar. They're a good barrier or screen, but when you've been sitting, looking admiringly for, say, 15 or 20 years, you might have some doubts about their location. For example, you may notice that the pleasant light you used to see across fields a mile or two away is no longer visible, especially when the leaves are on the trees. And then, the beautiful curve in the near horizon of that huge grassy meadow is only visible here and there.

You remember seeing entire groups of hares on the horizon at mating time.

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